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Heating Services

Count on Knight Fuel Co. for all of your heating and air conditioning needs . Our Hudson, Massachusetts, company offers residential heating oil and propane, and also offers installations and services for our heating and A/C systems.

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As a full service oil company, we at Knight Fuel Company hope you will allow us the opportunity to supply you with your heating comfort needs and join the many satisfied customers we now serve. We are ready to serve your oil burner needs 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Automatic fuel oil deliveries are programmed through our own Johnson Degree Day System. We offer an easy pay Budget Plan and comprehensive Service Protection Insurance Contracts. An 80 thousand gallon oil storage facility and a complete inventory of spare parts are also an important part of our business.

The heating system is an integral part of your home, and it is important to have the system operating efficiently. We would be more than happy to send our service manager to your home to explain your heating system to you and to answer any questions you may have pertaining to your heating equipment. We hope we may have the privilege of serving you and will constantly justify your confidence in us.

Protecting Your Tank
The life of your oil tank is unpredictable. Internal tank corrosion is the primary cause of oil tank leaks. This is due to moisture condensing and settling at the bottom of the tank, which forms an acidic sludge.

TANK-GUARD® saves you money by protecting your indoor and outdoor oil tanks against corrosion. The product is poured into your tank once a year during your regular delivery or service. It reacts only with the moisture in the tank bottom and does not harm fuel efficiency or performance.


Contact us to request more information about protecting your oil tank.

A/C Units, Residential Heating Oil in Hudson, MA


Diagram, Residential Heating Oil in Hudson, MA

Our Protection Plans


Thermostat, Oil Company in Hudson, MA

Protection Plan A
This plan costs $197.50 and provides the most protection against costly repairs for your heating equipment.

(1) Repair or replacement of vital parts of your heating equipment whenever they become defective. Parts covered are listed below.
(2) 24-Hour Emergency Service, at no extra cost, for repair or replacement of any part covered under this policy.
(3) Complete annual tune-up and adjustment of your oil burner, including cleaning of heater and esting controls for safe and efficient operation.

Parts Covered Under Plan A

• Burner Motor
• Fuel Pump
• Ignition Transformer
• Burner Coupling
• Burner Fan
• Burner End Cone
• Tank Gauge
• Vent Alarm
• Standard Thermostat
• Draft Regulator
• Firomatic® Oil Valves
• Stack or Cad Cell Control
• Nozzle
• Oil Filter
• Nozzle Adapter
• Low Water Cut-off
• Pressuretrol
• Aquastat
• Fan & Limit Control
• Gauge Glass & Washers
• Combustion Chamber
• Blower Motor
• Blower Pulleys
• Nozzle Line
• Circulation Relay
• Electrodes, Ignition Wire, &
• Circulator Motor & Coupling (Does
  Not Include Circulator Bearing
Protection Plan B
This plan costs $158.00 and provides the same labor protection as Plan A, but the cost of parts is not included. All parts are charged at our current regular price.

(1) 24-Hour Emergency Service, at no extra cost, for repair of any part covered under the Plan A.
(2) Complete annual tune-up and adjustment of your oil burner, including cleaning of heater and testing controls for safe and efficient operation.

Oil Tank Insurance
• Standard: $300.00 reimbursement toward cost of tank replacement. The plan costs $19.95 plus tax.
• Premium: Up to $1000.00 towards the cost of tank replacement. The plan costs $31.95 plus tax.

Water Heater Service Plan
This includes annual cleaning and service. The plan costs $98.50 and includes parts and labor.


Heater, Oil Company in Hudson, MA


Annual Tune-Up
The annual tune-up checks the efficiency of your oil burner. It provides a thorough cleaning and preventive maintenance your heating equipment to operate at peak efficiency. Labor and all parts used during the tune-up will be charged at current regular prices and includes:


• Checking & Cleaning Smoke Pipe & Chimney
• Lubricate Burner, Blower, & Circulator Motors
• Check Expansion Tank
• Check for Oil Leaks
• Change Oil Filter
• Check Oil Pump Pressure
• Check & Adjust Electrodes
• Clean Fuel Line Strainers

• Seal Air Leaks Around Clean-Out Openings
• Clean Transformer Porcelains
• Clean or Replace Air Filters
• Clean Gauge Glass
• Check Low Water Cut-Off
• Test Primary Control Safety
• Check Draft Control
• Check Ignition Cables
• Cleaning Combustion Surfaces & Flue Passages
• Clean Burner Fan & Blast Tube
• Change Nozzle
• Check for Proper Firing Rate
• Clean Stack Control or Cad Cell Eye
• Inspect & Clean Out Combustion Chamber
• Adjust Flame


Our Budget Plans


Knight Fuel Co. takes the sting out of balloon payments. We can spread out the cost of heating your home over a 12 month period. This provides you with manageable payments and takes out all of the guesswork.

Be Prepared
Take advantage of our year-round even-payment budget plan at no extra cost. You can get all the heat you need when you need it, and pay for it in convenient monthly payments. We divide the bill into equal monthly payments so you always know in advance what is owned. If at the end of the period your payments total more than the fuel you actually used, we will refund your money promptly or apply a credit for the following year, whichever is your preference.

Please call our office at 978-562-3477 if you would like further information.

Knight Fuel Co. Truck, Fuel Oil in Hudson, MA

Contact us in Hudson, Massachusetts, to request more information about our fuel oil budget plans.